Working with stitch gives you a different perspective on time, I measure my days in inches not hours. Time is a word you hear a lot in grief "give it time", "it will get better in time", "time is a great healer" but in grief time really does have no measure. I have found myself looking out of a window for a few minutes which has stretched to hours, a year has gone by so fast but each day has been as slow as wading through treacle.  As a maker I am used to creating what is needed and fixing what is broken my whole practice is governed by the straight line, the rules of warp and weft, but none of these skills have prepared me for the wandering of time.

The 7 Stages of Grief for me is not a tick list that I need to get through to feel better, grief is not a race or a straight line. I am changed by it but the emotions i felt at the start are with me still in this new normal.


The exhibition runs from 4th May - 29th July Wednesdays through to Sundays (Coffin Works opening hours 11-3pm).


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