Tina Francis Tapestry encourages you to.....................

Do you have wools in your drawer (chest, room, loft!!) that are crying out to be used? You know the ones where the colour's not right, there's not enough of it or you are just finding the right pattern to use it??  Some of this wool has been there far too long, it's time to get it out and start stitching!!


Each of the Use Your Stash Patterns use a maximum of 10 meters of each wool colour, and if you follow the whole pattern and use 10 count interlock you will create a piece of stitching 26cm by 26cm which can be used as a cushion insert or framed for your wall.


What's that you say? How will all my weird coloured wools match together?  Don't worry you do not need to be a master colour matcher to stitch these designs each colour is used at least twice in each design and so brings harmony to the eye.


The patterns are printed on A3 quality paper and cost £8 and are available from my on line shop.


Once you've stitched your master piece sit back safe in the knowledge that no one else has a tapestry in your colourways and then take a look across at your diminished stash and realise that you are going to need to replenish it!