After bidding on a box of embroidery transfers Tina opened it to find that it contained a whole womans life in knitting and stitching patterns, from her going away outfir to baby bootees and school uniforms through to home imporovements and then back to more modern patterns for baby matinee jackers for her grandchildren. This unknown woman had spent her whole life using her skills to create love, a true artist. Tina decided to look further into "home crafts" and found a whole load of women artists who did not see themselves as such because "it is just something I do". Keen to banish the word "just" from every womans vocabluary Tina taught herself to stitch tapestry needlepoints from secondhand unfinished kits and launched her kit business in 2012.


A love of bright colours, the 1970s, caravan maximalism and screen printing led Tina to create exciting contemporary designs and also in honour of all the secondhand wool she saw in charity shops a range of patterns called "Use your Stash" which use less than 10 metres of each colour yarn. Over the past few years Tina has been responsible for bringing Bargello back into our lives and is currently working hard on a Modern Bargello book that will be published by Search Press in 2020.


Whilst kits are Tinas passion she now runs regular workshops in stitch from her Jewellery Quarter studio in Birmingham, around the UK and across the world! There's also a community element to her work where she works as artistic director at Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works CIC creating large scale stitch installations across Birmingham because as everyone know Craft Builds Community.




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